Who we are

GIZ International Services is assigned by the Ministry of Agriculture to develop the sector through its organic farming project. The focus is on policy design, production, marketing, research and certification. We provide know- how to producers and advice decision makers within the sector. Our goal is to develop solutions in an efficient and partner-oriented way.

What we do

GIZ is providing advisory services to the Ministry of Agriculture towards policy- and market development for the organic sector. We set up capacities for public and private sector institutions. Key of our success is a close collaboration with all stakeholders. We strengthen farmers via training in organic food production systems and deliver our expertise by involving international organizations and professionals.


Since 2005 we have achieved success in various domains. Important milestones have been accomplished:

  • Establishing the Department of Organic Agriculture in the Ministry
  • Setting up the Saudi Organic Farming Association
  • Developing the National Organic Standard
  • Introducing the National Organic Label
  • Initiating public campaigns for organic food